The Mindfulness Unleashed Course

Explore meditative techniques, guided breath-work and other mental exercises designed to unleash your powers of inner mindfulness.

The practice of Yoga is, and can be, so much more than a physical activity alone. The Mindfulness Unleashed Course is dedicated to sharing authentic practices of Hatha Yoga including pranayama, mantra, concentration and meditation. Module 1 features workshop-style sessions offering insight into what meditation truly is and how to develop the skill. Rama will also dive into important satellite subjects such as enhancing comfort in the crosslegged position, how best to utilize the breath and how to begin stilling the waves of the mind. Don't skip these initial sessions. They will provide a valuable informational backbone for Module 2, within which we begin the actual practice of Mindfulness Unleashed techniques.

Course Content

Module 1

Meditation Foundations

What is meditation and how does one develop an effective personal practice? This first module will serve to highlight important pieces of preparatory background information and give you all the tools you need to unleash your inner mindfulness. Simply listen and observe, or take notes if it help! Enjoy your studies.

Module 2

Mantra and Sanskrit Chanting

Discussions surrounding mindfulness and meditation are not complete without exploring the subjects of mantra and Sanskrit chanting. This module pays homage to yogas authentic origins by highlighting some of the less-mainstream aspects of yogic lore.

Module 3

Vikhari Japa Practice

Join Rama for the loud audible repetition of discussed mantras commonly used for the practice of Japa Meditation. Feel free to join in the repetition or simply sit silent and listen to these sacred sounds.

Module 4

Supporting Sessions

Featuring supporting content which can help you take your personal practice to the next level. Do you have additional questions about mindfulness or meditation? Send us an email with inquiries and requests. New content will be added to this Module as per the wishes of our members.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions