Meditation That Works

Featuring everything you need to know to master your mind using Progressive Meditation.

What is Meditation? What are the promised benefits and how do I access them? The Meditation That Works Masterclass offers valuable insights into the powerful and scientifically proven Progressive Meditation Method. Learn how to enhance mental clarity and concentration, reduce stress levels, and attain mastery over the sway of emotions. Progressive Meditation is a simple 12-minute method and thousands are using this method to practice mindfulness and meditate daily. As a result they Become more present, less stressed, and develop a strong and resilient mind.

Course Content

Module 1

Meditation That Works Masterclass

This is the Progressive Meditation flagship program featuring everything you need to know to master your mind using progressive meditation.

Module 2

Answer Library

This is a comprehensive library of detailed answers to a trove of questions and problems that you are commonly facing.

Module 3

Bonus Content

Additional workshops to support your Progressive Meditation Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions