Handstand Foundations Mastery

This step-by-step guide explores handstand specific technique and training methodology.

Take away the guesswork when it comes to your handstand training. This Course starts with a workshop style module exploring anatomy, biomechanics and best practices for a successful practice. Once we have the information, the next step is to apply our findings. Enter module number two, featuring guided classes focusing on handstand specific conditioning.

Course Content

Module 1

Straight Handstand 101

This module is an 8-part educational series focusing on the fundamental techniques associated with finding and maintaining your balance while holding a straight handstand.

Module 2

Journey to Handstand

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the background information, it's time to put those shoulders, wrists and core strength to the true test. during this module, Rama and Shakti will guide you through effective, handstand-specific conditioning techniques. Remember to listen to your body and put proper form at the forefront!

Module 3

Stronger Inversions with Shakti

Access information inside these valuable workshop recordings. These sessions are part practical, part theoretical and have been designed for all-levels. Follow along with the original workshop structure. Watch one session every Sunday for 6-weeks and apply the 'homework assignments' throughout the week!

Module 4

Supplemental Handstand Techniques

More often than not, success rests with the little things. This module features satellite techniques which can greatly support your handstand growth.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions