Easy Flexibility Self-Assessment

Individual Assessment is the process of identifying our weakest physical links in order to get more specific with our training and start seeing results fast.

Easy Flexibility Self-Assessment is Module three of the Flexible Forever Bundle. Inside this offering, we move through a variety of functional movement screens specific to skills such as the deep squat, front splits, pancake and the middle split. These videos are workshop style. Rama starts by deconstructing the goal pose into smaller, more easily digestible pieces. For example, deep squat can be broken down into dorsiflexion at the ankle, knee flexion, hip flexion and spinal extension. By performing movement screens for each of these movement patterns, we will know which areas are tight/ which areas are weak and this information will allow us to get more specific with our training. Follow along with Flexible Forever Individual Assessment to learn more about what's actually holding you back.

Course Content

Module 1

Individual Assessment

Start by watching the intro and expectation video. There is no intended order for practicing this module. When you're ready, select the video associated with the skill you wish to learn and start assessing your strengths and weaknesses. This module is not intended to serve as medical guidance. The assessments in this course should be performed in healthy individuals with no pain. If you experience pain, consider stopping the assessment and seeking assistance from an experienced physiotherapist or other medical professional.