Flexible Forever Foundations Pack

An online flexibility training video course highlighting secrets for developing long-lasting flexibility and mobility with minimal time and effort.

This Course is part of the Flexible Forever Bundle. These classes are workshop-style and will guide you through important flexibility principles step by step. The information contained within these modules will help you better understand your body and assist you in becoming Flexible Forever.

Course Content

Module 1

Flexibility Foundations

Welcome to Flexible Forever! In this course I am going to show you how to massively boost your flexibility and mobility practice with just 5 to 10 minutes of intentional training per day. In the coming classes, we explore various types of flexibility training, anatomy and technique, tips for measuring your progress and how to create a more successful, long-lasting physical practice.

Module 2

Technique and Skill Explained

Gaining an understanding of anatomy and physiology serves to help one remove the guesswork from our training, and allow us to more easily identify our weak links and intelligent ways to improve our practice.