Flexibility Map Explainers

Free Course featuring effective stretches to build flexibility in every part of your body.

Watch each video to learn about specific stretches, how to perform, equipment considerations and common errors. These tutorials are taught through the language of anatomical terminology. Some sessions explore associated anatomy and how to plan stretch sessions accordingly. Learn how the human body works and identify ways to easily increase your ability. Choose to practice these stretches on your own. Or access the Guided Stretch Class in the Courses Section to surrender control and allow Rama to guide your practice.

Course Content

Module 1

Feet + Lower Legs

Stretches and flexibility techniques targeting the feet and muscles within the lower leg.

Module 2

Quadriceps Stretches

Stretching the quadriceps through knee flexion. Target Rectus Femoris more specifically with the stretch with PPT and hip extension. Watch to learn more.

Module 3

Hamstring Stretches

Stretch the hamstrings through knee extension. Assist or intensify with hip flexion and dorsiflexion at the ankle.

Module 4

Adductor Stretches

Stretch the adductors with hip abduction. Watch these videos to learn how knee flexion alters the muscles targeted.

Module 5

Hip Flexor Stretches

Stretch the hip flexors with hip extension. Watch the video to learn basic anatomy and resulting stretch principles.

Module 6

Glute Stretches

Explore stretches through hip flexion and hip external rotation.

Module 7

Abdominal Stretches

Stretch the abdominal muscles with spinal extension and hip extension. Be cautious not to 'dump' into the lower back.

Module 8

Chest, Upper Back + Lats

Stretches focusing on creating flexibility through the chest, upper back and lat muscles.

Module 9

Shoulder Stretches

Holistic shoulder health with special attention given to increasing scapular elevation and shoulder flexion.

Module 10

Wrist Stretches

Targeting flexion and extension at the wrist.

Module 11

Neck Stretches

Stretch through multiple planes of motion including flexion/ extension, lateral flexion and transverse rotation.