Live Class Recordings 08-09, 2022

This Course is the home of our Live Class Recordings for the months of August/September 2022. How does it work? Purchase a ticket to ANY upcoming live class and receive access to ALL recordings in this Course as a bonus.

Welcome to the Live Class Recordings Course. Access to these recordings can be purchased separately. However, FREE access is given as a bonus to anyone who attends ANY of Rama's live online classes in the outlined time period. Rama's live online classes are always appropriate for all-levels and provide a beautiful balance of effort and ease. These classes help one connect, reset and reground into what matters most. Expect to experience a mix of classical hatha with modern functional movement patterns. Some moments may be challenging; but authentic improvement is seldom without challenge.

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Classical hatha yoga meets holistic functional movement in these classes designed to release tension, reduce stress, and bulletproof the body. Expect a balance between effort and ease. Walk away with valuable tools for continued growth within the fields of yoga, movement and mindfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions